Bunk Beds With Stairs

Nowadays, bunk bed becomes trend again for home living. You may think that bunk bed only can be used for boarding school or dorm. In reality, the bunk bed could makes your house seems prettier and clearer as well. Perhaps you get tired of big king size bedframe at your bedroom, it’s time to change it!

Bunk Bed with Wonderful Stairs

When you get bunk beds, one of most important parts is the stairs. Not only for functional, the stairs should give aesthetical points as well. Instead of usual stairs, more unique ones could be installed on bunk beds.

Small Stairs with Drawers at Low Bunk Bed

If you have certain phobia on heights, you could get low bunk bed. Exactly, this one comes with low stairs as well. Usually, you will find the stairs with wider steps. You can pick one low stairs model with attached drawers or shelves on the side. They will give much help to organize your things.

Actually, the storage space placed inside the steps. Such really clever and amazing idea, isn’t it? The white color scheme generate minimalist bedroom style. So, you will get really clear and beautiful bedroom with multifunctional bunk bed bedframe. 

Stairs and Slide, for Kids Only

Do you want your kids to have fun at their bedroom? You should get the stairs and slide bunk bed for them! Usual bunk bed only have one stairs for up and down purpose. Different from that, these bunk beds featured slide for down purpose.

Just imagine how glad your kids will be when they see such amazing bunk bed at their bedroom! Because the bunk beds are for kids, you may choose more colorful options. Wood letters combined into your kids’ name could be good decorations as well. 

The more the merrier, bunk bed for four with stairs

Instead of just two persons, you can get bunk bed for more. Two down bed and two upstairs, the bunk bed looks very efficient. And where are the stairs? In the middle part of bunk bed, the stairs gorgeously placed. Furthermore, you may get shelves on the steps. More storage spaces could be gotten from the above bedframe. You could adopt the sailor’s bedroom ideas as well, with more bedframe for more people. 

Bunk beds with stairs will give more aesthetical points at bedroom. Not only for two persons, four or more could sleep well on these gorgeous bunk beds. Now, which one you love the most? Those complete lists and explanations will help you a lot to decide what kind of bunk bed you will purchased for your home.

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