Creative Ways to Hide Cat Litter Box Furniture inside Your Home

Your lovely cat will be safely comfort since you provide cat litter box furniture for her. Having pet at home, especially cat is really amusing. It can entertain us with its funny acts. But, cat also needs home. Providing the cat a home can mean mutualism.

They will get their home and for us, we get neat inside home. The appearance of litter box seems able to interrupt our neat interior decoration. Therefore, it is important to get the solving problem.

Amish Made Cat Litter Box Cabinet Large Cat Litter Box Furniture

To hide that litter box is one of great solutions. It is only little box and it should not disturb your room. Surely, it has many ways to hide the litter box in between the main decoration of your home. Here, I will give some tricks to hide the cat litter box inside your home without reducing the function and interrupting the home decoration.

Heres A Shockingly Simple Way To Hide Your Cats Litter Box Cat Litter Box Furniture

Making it looks like bench

Cat litter box can also be functional used as sitting furniture. It is shown not as cat box, but a bench. So, you can place it in any places inside your home, such as living room, corridor, and hallway. It works with hydraulic system when you are in necessary to clean it. Meanwhile, the cat gets door as well as ventilation by the hole on one side of the bench.

Diy Litter Box Cabinet Domestically Creative Cat Litter Box Furniture

Cabinet can act two purposes in the same time

Another way to hide the cat litter box is cabinet. In this case is small wooden cabinet. It can be placed in between the main room, like living room and even bedroom. So, you still can take look your lovely cat in visible distance.

Refined Cat Litter Box Deluxe Cat Litter Box Furniture

Cat inside the bathroom storage

Have you ever imagine giving the cat home inside your small bathroom? It is easy to realize actually. You only need to make small hole on the sink cabinet and then put the litter box inside. It can keep your cat safe and the smell from it is covered. That place is also easy to catch as well as you enter the bathroom.

Cat Litter Box Furniture Refined Cat Litter Box Cabinet

Get creative with DIY cat litter

It may require little skill to do DIY project. But, it is not as difficult as making DIY cabinet. You even need only two wine crates and put them all into forming a box. Make sure that the box is having sufficient hole for the cat to get through.

Merry Products Kitty Espresso Comfort Room Hidden Litter Cat Box Furniture Cat Litter Box Furniture

Cat litter box furniture is important furniture to avoid the smell of cat’s redundant shared into all rooms. Instead of making special place, hidden place is much better for the cat.

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