Inspiring Dining Table with Bench Providing More Seating Space

Who says dining table with bench is a setting only acceptable in outdoor space? In fact, pairing a dining table with a bench or two is also a great furniture configuration in your indoor dining room. Dining bench is highly versatile. It can save space, making it ideal to use in a relatively small dining room.

A bench doesn’t require you more than tucking it out under the table if you wish to free space to move around the room. And not to mention how attractive a dining room table with bench setting is!

Farmington 6pc Dining Set Table Bench And 4 Chairs Dining Table With Bench

In addition to that, there is also one advantage you can benefit from this dining furniture setting, especially if you expect to seat a group more than occasionally. With dining bench, you can thus provide the relatively more space to seat people compared to with regular dining chairs.

Dining Table With Bench Sullivan Table And Chair Set With Bench

Bring the Picnic Atmosphere to the Room

You can place a pair of dining benches to match your table. This picnic-like configuration is very simple and easy, and all you need to do is to ensure the furniture dining set matches your dining room interior theme. And remember that with a dining bench, your little children may find it easier to climb in and out the chair every meal time, rather than having to drag the heavy dining chair.

Dining Table With Bench Glenview Dining Table 4 Side Chairs

Vary the Arrangement with Chairs

Combining the dining bench with chairs is never a bad idea. There are various ways you can do, such as placing dining captain chairs with a pair of benches for the rest. Alternatively, you can use only one bench if you have a space constraint, such as in a narrow dining room.

Dining Table With Bench Westside Farmhouse Extendable Dining Table Bench Set For 6 Person

For extra comfort, consider a bench with back you can lean against the wall, which can also help you provide a better flow in a room, especially with a long, narrow dining space. Another way worth trying is to use small bench as captain chair instead, which is also an interesting setting to seat your little kid.

Dining Table With Bench Martin Dining Table Set With Bench

Make the Bench Pop!

If you want to highlight the dining bench, then do it. While a dining set with bench itself is already a unique setting on its own, you can still make the seating option a more interesting point in the room. For example, paint the bench in bright color to complement your eclectic dining theme. Upholster the bench seat cushion with attractive colors or bold patterns can also make a way to let the bench stand out.

Dining Table With Bench Joanna Dining Set With Bench With Back

There are many benefits you can enjoy from a dining table with bench configuration while you can maintain the comfort during meal time.

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