Long-lasting Drop Leaf Dining Table Come with These Ways

Do you have drop leaf dining table and want to make them long lasting? Maintaining this kind of dining table is a little bit tricky since it is somewhat different with regular dining table. It has hinges which allow you to fold the dining table as you desire. If you wish to use your foldable dining table for the rest of your life, simply do these steps.

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Dust Often for Light Maintenance

The simplest maintenance to keep your dining table look shiny and beautiful is by dusting the table often. Even though your drop leaf table looks clean, you might not know that it has tiny particles which may harm the table. The dust buildup may scratch the finish of your dining table. To clean it up, use damp soft cloth to wipe the dust. Avoid using kind of polish since they contain silicone which may harm your finishes.

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Say Thanks to Mayonnaise for Its Nice Work

Watermark rings sometimes appear in your foldable tabletop. Since it does not look good for the table finish, you better remove it fast. Good news, you can use mayonnaise to rub the watermark. Gently rub the mayo to the tabletop and you will see the table look clean as before.

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Placement Matters

Do you know that where you place the drop leaf dining tables affects its lifetime? Some places with high temperature may shorten the lifetime of your dining table as it damages the wood. When your table leaf is portable, it is recommended to store the leaf in warm and dry place. Instead of storing it in the moist attic or basement, you can wrap the leaf and put it somewhere near the table. This ensures your drop leaf won’t contract differently with the table.

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Keep It Shiny

Instead of using wood polishes to keep your table drop leaf look shiny, you can use carnauba wax. This is much safer than using polish products which contain silicone which may harm the finishes. Using soft cloth, you can apply this wax to the tabletop. Continue by polishing the table with another soft cloth. It will be enough to maintain the shine of your drop leaf dining tables. Do this twice in a year and it will be sufficient.

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Understanding how to maintain your drop leaf table helps you lengthen its lifetime. No need to do complicated maintenance since you can do those simple steps. All in all, your dining table deserves your attention to make sure it can last longer. No matter what material it is made of, you can always do listed steps to maintain it.

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Drop leaf dining table should be well maintained. It includes light cleaning, waxing and placing in appropriate place.

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