Various Extra Tall Bar Stools

When you are about to furnish your kitchen or home bar, extra tall bar stools should be taken into account. Bar stools are all you need to enjoy every second in the home bar, or simply kitchen counter. Aside from its function to serve you nice and convenient seating, the stools also play a role to bring your home bar to the next level of beauty.

Considering too many options available in the market, it is better for you to find references related to tall bar stools that might be suitable with your home bar or kitchen counter.

Mcmullin Counter Bar Extra Tall Swivel Stool Extra Tall Bar Stools

Spectator Tall Bar Stools

This tall bar stool is considered as the tallest among other bar stools. It is not surprising since this stool is designed for the use of 48 inches counter or table. Commonly, this bar stool is used for several purposes which require ones to have high level of seating. Even though it is known as the tallest, spectator bar stool is equipped with mechanism to help the user adjust the height.

Extra Tall Bar Stools Kemble Spectator Counter Bar Extra Tall Swivel Stool

Extra Tall Bar Stools Finley Home Palazzo Extra Tall Bar Stool Set Of 2

Bar Stools with Lever

The existence of lever becomes crucial in some bar stools, even though some of them are not equipped with it. This kind of bar stool allows the user to adjust the level so that it facilitates them to get the comfortable sitting position. Just like mentioned before, spectator bar stools are also included into this stool type since it comes with lever, too.

Extra Tall Bar Stools Emmi Metal Upholstered Extra Tall Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool

Swivel Bar stools

Swivel stools are known as the most popular bar stools until today. It consists of plenty of designs with various materials. The reason why this bar stool becomes so popular is none other because of its convenience. The users are free to move around and swivel on the chair. It serves easy access to anything around the stools. You can simply reach your plate on the counter and get back to your business. Some people also mention that this is stool of dignity, considering it helps you access anything you need without moving your body too much.

Swivel Wood Extra Tall Counter Bar Stool 26 30 34 700 On S Base Extra Tall Bar Stools

Among the tree mentioned tall bar stool, you can choose one of them that suit your preferences. Talking about the stool material, you can find them in any materials ranging from metal to hardwood with various finishes, too. Since they are also available in wide range of theme—rustic, modern, contemporary, vintage, etc—you are free to choose one that matches your kitchen or home bar concept.

Croskey Swivel Bar Extra Tall Stool Extra Tall Bar Stools

Your kitchen or home bar deserves extra tall bar stools to enhance its beauty. Among many options, here are the tree best options.

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