These Feng Shui Colors Guidance are As Easy As A-B-C

Many people think that feng shui for home living is quite difficult. Now, you will get complete guidance to apply feng shui at your own house easily! As you may knew, house with proper feng shui will bring more luck and happiness for the houseowners.

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How to Get Best Feng Shui At Home

This part will give you best possible way to apply feng shui at living room. This room is an important one, because you must welcome your guests in here. You may combine your old furniture with the new one. And with some tips here, your living room will looks as fresh as new!

Feng Shui Colors Feng Shui Colors The Science And Psychology Behind It

Remember that color theme is everything

First of all, you must decide what color theme for your living room. Generally, feng shui color theme divided based on five elements: earth, fire, water, wind, and metal. Each color could bring different nuance for your living room.

Actually, you could use more than one element color for one living room. Just remember about the harmony and proper mix. For example, orange color from fire elements combined with brown color from earth tone.

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Earth color tone will bring elegance into living room

If you want to impress your guests, you may use the earth color tone. There are dark brown, light brown, cream, and many more calm color to be used. These color tones will bring calm and relaxing atmosphere into living room.

You may get dark brown sofa set and put some cream colored cushions above it. Certainly, your guests will really enjoy their visit! You may invite your bussiness partner to decide big deal in such relaxing living room.

How To Choose The Perfect Color The Feng Shui Way Feng Feng Shui Colors

Fire color tone will give more spirit for everyone

Different with calm earth color tone, the fire colors will charge your energy and bring more spirit. This could be good color theme for any living room as well. However, it will be better if you balance the fire color with calmer color scheme.

For instance, orange-colored sofa placed above white soft rug. You may use the fire color tone for main living room wall color theme too.

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Put all of possible elements into one single room

Wooden, fabric, metal, glass, crystal, and wool are some materials with different characteristics. Instead of one, you may put more different type of materials into your living room. For example, you could get wooden furniture set for living room, place soft wool rug on the floors, and hang crystal chandelier on the ceiling.

Just remember to avoid put too much ornaments into one room. Of course you need to keep some free spaces to breath also the simplicity.

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Wide window is one key element for harmonious living

Your living room or any other room will not be completed without wide and spacious window. Based on feng shui principle, big window is good sign for home. This could be very reasonable, since spacious window will allow more sunlights and fresh air to enter the living room. So, your lovely living room will smells good, fresh, and feels more comfortable.

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Feng shui colors guidance will give your full knowledge to decorate your living room properly. Not just for aesthetical side but also to bring more luck for your house!

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