Practical Steps to Maintain Gas Fire Pit Table

When we are talking about gas fire pit table, it cannot be separated from the maintenance. Whether your fire pit table is made of granite, stone, even copper, you need to pay more attention to them so that they will last longer. In fact, cleaning and maintaining the pit table is not that easy. Different material requires different treatment so that you can keep its shine and beautiful appearance.

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Granite Table Cleaning and Maintenance

When your table fire pit is made of granite, you need to pay attention to these things. The fact that this material can also be scratched by other granite or diamond gives you less worry related to the scratch. Apart from its density and character as one of the most durable materials, your granite fire pit table needs treatment. Maintaining granite table is as easy as using water and mild soap for daily cleaning. It is not recommended to use abrasive cleaner since it may reduce the appearance of your granite. Make sure you seal it whenever it is not in use.

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Tuscan Stone Cleaning and Maintenance

This fire pit table material offers beautiful colors as you will not find the same color in each table. It varies from the texture resulted from the hand trowel. To maintain gas fire pit tables with this material, you need to regularly wipe the table with damp cloth. Whenever it gets spill, wipe it immediately. Using special cleaner for Tuscan stone is recommended for maximum result.

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Marble Table Cleaning and Maintenance

Marble table is a perfect choice for natural outdoor fire pit table. The natural process offers different textures, colors and grains which makes marble table looks stunning, elegant and luxurious. Maintaining marble table is known as easy. You need to wipe the spills and use cleaner with neutral pH. Make sure your marble does not experience contact with chemical. If your marble fire pit gradually loses its shine, renew it by polishing by stone polish.

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Mosaic Stone Cleaning and Maintenance

Whenever your gas fire pit comes with mosaic stone table, you need to be grateful since this table comes with outstanding appearance and versatile features. It is resistant to stain and will not discolor under the sun. This is a perfect choice for outdoor fire pit. To maintain and clean this table, you need to clean it with water and mild soap. Avoid using vinegar and acidic solution since it may decrease its beauty.

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Gas fire pit table needs different maintenance for different material. Find out how to serve proper maintenance for your fire pit table.

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