Cute Nursery Wall Art for Boy, Girl and Both

The excitement of having newborn will not be complete before you decorate his/her room with cute nursery wall art. Decorating nursery is an expression of expecting new family member. This can be an amazing project parents are waiting for.

Nursery wall art is considered as the simplest way to decorate baby’s room. Many choices are available to create cute look to the room. If you are expecting a newborn and are planning to decorate nursery with wonderful wall arts, here are some ideas to steal.

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Wall Art Ideas for Boys

Nursery for boys will look cute and amazing with murals. We all know that nursery for boy is always identical with something blue, green and sometimes orange. You can keep this concept and decorate the wall with arts in those color options. Aside from mural, sticking removable wall decals will be great for parents who do not have much time to decorate the baby room.

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Your baby is never too early to deal with style. To bring style to her cozy sleeping space, you can start to consider 3D wall decoration. Some cute characters like animals, trees and cartoon characters work well to decorate his bedroom. If you are on budget, having monogram of his name shall be gorgeous, too.

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Wall Art Ideas for Girls

When it comes to decorating nursery for girls, mother will be the only one who feels really excited to put some cute and girly things inside. Not so different with wall décor for boys, wall decals still work for her bedroom. Instead of removable vinyl wall decals, you can opt for metallic decals for more glamorous look.

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Your baby girl bedroom cannot be separated from girly and pinky stuff. For wall art as well, putting pink decoration here and there is just fine. Placing framed simple animal drawings in her bedroom will serve cute appearance in her small nook. In addition, some patterned fabric combined with scrapbook paper will be good, too.

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Neutral Wall Art Ideas

If you are not really interested to clear separation between boy and girl, you can always opt for neutral nursery concept. In this nursery, placing neutral wall décor such as colorful animal character will be just fine. Rather than exposing certain gender color to the room, you can opt for neutral colors such as yellow, white and green.

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Installing monogram forming your baby’s name can also be chosen for neutral baby bedroom. Without performing pink or blue, this monogram will look good for your nursery. Furthermore, installing decorative hangings to the wall can also be great DIY project for parents.

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