Beautiful Simple Landscaping Ideas for Your Small Garden and Yard

Make your small garden, small backyard, and small yard create an impact with these simple landscaping ideas. Going simple, however, doesn’t mean you must keep everything at minimum. While it’s true that you can also benefit from spending less for your landscape project, it is always recommended if you keep aesthetics in mind, in addition to comfort if you plan to create an outdoor getaway of your dream.

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Frame a View to Attract Attention

In your small backyard or small garden, even a simple garden pergola can provide the grand feel and look. After all, pergolas, as well as garden arbors, are classic landscaping ideas to accommodate a wonderful way to frame certain view.

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It gets even better since pergola can still look truly awe-striking when it’s put up as a stand-alone architectural structure in your landscape project. Alternatively, you can also frame a scene with small trees, shrubs, and even garden art pieces.

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Create Your Cozy Small Backyard Zones

And who says your small backyard garden cannot provide you a relaxing retreat you can visit anytime without leaving the comfort of your home? With careful landscaping for small yard of yours, it will work greatly. Try this seemingly contradictory idea: Break up the open areas of a small space so it can feel larger than it actually is.

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You can try with various furniture arrangements and backyard paths to divide your landscape into appealing and relaxing seating areas. Even if you only dream of a cozy corner to curl up with a book, you can still do.

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Add Bright Colors for Illusion of Larger Feel

Even if you go for simple landscaping in your small yard, it doesn’t mean colors are forbidden to you. Rather, you can benefit from the bright, bold colors scattered throughout your small garden. The key is to place them right before where you plan to view them. Bright colors catch your attention first, so the rest of your small landscape beyond may appear to recede. Hence, the space feels larger.

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Add Surprising Elements!

Often, the best idea is to mix your small yard landscaping with unexpected elements to create a dramatic visual relief. For example, you can try tossing a mix of paving materials, hardscape, container plantings, and lawn to add enough interest to your landscape. Add them in a certain manner so the eye will hardly notice the real size of your backyard landscape.

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The simple landscaping ideas for small yard, small garden, or small backyard can help drawing attention from the size of the space.

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