Choosing Twin over Queen Bunk Bed for Your Children

Do you decide to choose twin over queen bunk bed? Well, after all, every house surely will prepare a child’s bed. Problems, however, will arise if you only have one small room but more than one child. This is where the bunk bed always comes as a space-saving and practical solution. A twin bunk bed is a better solution for a smaller room and enough for your children to grow up until they are pre-teen.

When choosing twin over queen bunk bed, there are some important considerations you need to keep in mind first.

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Bunk Beds with Built-in Units

And to optimize the benefits of a bunk bed to save space, you can find models that are equipped with built-in units. For example, bunk beds with built-in storage units appear to be the popular choice. It is not surprising since this thus can allow you to make the most out of the potential unoccupied space when you opt for regular bunk bed to expand the bedroom storage capacity. Drawers under the bed, for example, can be used to store toys or small objects such as socks.

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Innovative and Smart Design for Better Functionality

Even so, storage isn’t the only feature a bunk bed can add as built-in units. There are some innovative bunk bed designs complemented with a set of study desk underneath the overhead bed. Depending on the size of the room and your particular needs, the study area can be consisted of two desks or only one—the latter is idea setting if you only have one child but you want to provide extra bed for a friend to sleepover during weekend.

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Fun Designs to Match Bedroom Theme

Even though we highly oppose the idea of childish themed bed since a bedroom your children can grow into offers more benefits for you, it doesn’t mean you should go with the most basic twin bunk bed available on the market. Do not hesitate to tweak the bunk bed up a bit so it can match your bedroom interior theme. For example, you can paint the bunk bed to fit the bedroom color scheme you and your children have decided.

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But if you can afford the money and space, consider a queen bunk bed instead. It provides a more spacious bed surface your children can even sleep together on one bed. The queen bunk bed is also ideal for a room you want your kids to grow into, thanks to the ultra-generous mattress size that will never be too small.

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